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01 August 2006

The Rover V8 Supercharger Kits – tvr Power / Autodesign

Finally, one of these true monsters has surfaced, and on our Trackday. tvr Power and AUTOdesign currently have their wonderful conversion on test and after several thousand road miles (without incident!) they brought it along to Brands Hatch to check it out.


Firstly I have to say what a wonderful conversion it is! Months and months of CAD and painstaking development have produced a kit if outstanding quality. Everything is beautifully made, using the best materials and constructed with ease of assembly and maintenance in mind, a rare thing! They have allowed space for PAS, A/C and even a later intercooler is on the cards and all off their own sub-assemblies, so much more to come from these kits.

Using the Rotex blower, the guys have concentrated on smooth, seamless power delivery, rather than all-out numbers and this is for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they want to run a completely standard engine (with very minor modification) to keep costs down. Secondly, the more realistic levels of boost give that smooth, “torquey” delivery compatible with the existing drive-chain. Even the clutch is the SC400 is still standard and holding up well. This really has been thought through.

So what’s it like? Well, impressive is the only word to describe it, but that belies the achievement. Wonderful, low down power that feels much stronger than even a standard “500” and the backing whine of the blower brings a smile to your face every time you squeeze the throttle and this is closely followed by the horizon appearing at a remarkable rate! On the track it could keep up with most if not all of the “larger” cars, surprising many! The car was intentionally standard everywhere else such as suspension and tyres, though sensibly it did have the factory “Spider/AP” wheel conversion. This was to further demonstrate the “Bolt on” nature of the kit.


What of the numbers? Well, I guess most people will want to know the power output on this the 4 litre kit. Dom is claiming 275 at the wheels, I can well believe it, but I FEELS much more powerful under your right foot due to the characteristics of a blower. Much more is possible, but would involve some major engine mods to allow greater boost and that will shortly be available in kits for the 5 litre engines. The Price? Well that yet to be confirmed. I was given a ball-park figure on the day (I happen to know the AUTOdesign guys, as they modded a Griff last time) and I was frankly amazed, given the quality! Though installation will need to be added to this price, it will still be a great deal, so if you are thinking of modifying your tvr/Rover V8 I would talk to Dom first!  or 02476 366177

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