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20 August 2007

New SC Power Griff Aero Pack breaks cover!

…and its great!
At last, the new SC Power Aero kit for the tvr Griffith finally appeared in the flesh at this years “Griff Growl” at Ettington Chase today.

With a front splitter, rear diffuser for road cars (see pics) and a full on Race Kit of the more radical DTM style splitter, longer rear diffuser and big rear wing on the way, these ballsy kits have been long awaited ( I’ve had my order in for nearly a year!) J

Many have voiced opinions on forums and in Pubs but all was speculation based on the early CAD pictures on the SC-power website. So what would they think now it was here? We I only heard positive responses. Many loved it, all thought it worked and the remainder even begrudgingly admitted it looked well done even if it wasn’t for them. High praise indeed from the old guard!

The kits, just like all of SC-Powers work, is heavily based in CAD, but once developed there, exhaustive on the road testing is completed to ensure that the wings actually work…generate real downforce (or destroy lift)…and direct the air to where its most needed ie the radiato.r oil coolers and or even Blowers.

We are looking forward to getting ours over the winter so that we can test with the new suspension set-ups ready for next season. It’s going to look the “Dogs Danglies” if you ask me!


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