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26 December 2009

David Bishop 1959-2009

The only TVR rally nut, David Bishop has sadly passed away after a short illness.

I can’t really get across the bravery of this guy ( possibly only surpassed by his co-drivers - Simon Crew ) in rallying a TVR Tuscan over the last few years. I was fortunate enough to meet him a few times as his car was often at Dulfords near Cullumpton and had loads of work done by the guys that built mine. David himself did not know what made him Rally a Tuscan. Surely it was too light at the back and the geo was designed too low for rallying? David agreed…but felt it was something he wanted to do and had to make work. He did. He would have been carrying the No1 on his car this year at Epynt.

He had a couple of big offs in the car, but he and Simon came away mostly unscathed. We chatted about him rebuilding his TVR with Mike Caine’s bodyshell only a month or two ago. He removed the rear corner completely after a big off and the rest was too badly damaged to rebuild. A bad kick at well over a Ton…brave indeed.

Another sad loss to the TVR community (though he was a Rally guy who happened to compete in a TVR) and we seem to be having too many of these recently.

Our thoughts are with his family.

Some of David’s exploits can be seen on Utoob. If you want to see what its like to drive a 5.2L Tuscan Challenge Car across wet single carriage roads surround by ditches and trees…it’s well worth a look.


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