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08 July 2007

The Diamond Rock Festival

I hope that you have all booked your slots for what is going to be the biggest tvr Event…EVER! Well over 1000 tvr enthusiasts are expected at Rockingham Speedway for the most comprehensive tvr show in the Calendar. All the major Dealers, Independents, Specialists, Tuners, Modifiers and Racers are expected with Demonstrations, Trade Stands, Events, races and even a Full on Trackday.

The Gala Diner at the Stadium is fully booked, but with hundreds camping on site and motor homes area, not to mention all the Racers who are staying on site in the Paddock next door…and interesting night is certain, whilst the two major hotels nearby are also full. Lots of Beer and tall tales to be had.

So what’s the format? What’s going on?
Well the Event is based around the track. On arrival, the hundreds of tvrs will be lined up in model type in the car park and the stadium entrance will be adorned with “special” tvrs including a T400, Peninsulas Le Mans car. Inside there will be many trade stands from the well known tvr Gurus and a few new-comers. Shiny bits to power mods, car covers to engine oils; you’ll be able to get just about everything there.

From there the main stand overlooks the Pit area and racetrack. Around half of the big oval will be used for the weekend Motorsport with the cars coming on at Turn 4 and heading down the main straight to Turn 1 and pushing through the banking to Turn 3. Just before 3 they’ll cut off the oval an onto the Infield, where the cars will cut across and back several times in full view of the stand.
This layout will be in constant use over the weekend during the Trackday, Testing, Practice and two rounds of the TVRCC Tuscan Challenge. If you’re not booked on the Trackday, I believe there are around 5 slots left as I write, so get booked up! But if that’s not your thing, you can try your hand at the Timed 0-60, Donuts Ring or the Autotest.

tvr Power will have there range of “Blower” cars there, from the frankly stunning 4.0 Chim we tested at Spa, through the 4.5 to the 5.0 Griff. There’s also a chance to blagg a ride in Marc Hockin’s awesome Racing Griff 500 SC Intercooler! That will be a truly devastating ride…that can then be seen racing the next day.

There’s loads more happening over the weekend not to mention the chance to relax and have a beer with the good and the great from tvr over the past 60 years and ofcourse all your mates…including us! tvrcarparts have also sponsored the Event and will be supplying a Rolling Road for all to use.

This is a tvr Enthusiasts event. You don’t have to be in the TVRCC or even currently own a tvr. You just need to love and support the Marques.

See you all there I hope? It’s really one NOT to miss! I have attached the latest info and Booking form for you to check out.

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