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25 March 2010

Top Gear visit the TVR Factory

Jezza, Hampster and Captain Slow check out Bristol Avenue on a Top gear Challenge.

We were at the factory yesterday picking up some stuff for the Monster Griff’s latest mods, when the place was closed up behind us as several classic sports cars were brought in. The main factory area behind the offices was the setting for the finale of the latest Top Gear Challenge on British sports cars.

PWs 5000M had centre stage amongst the Morgans, Ginettas, Healeys and Jags…with every model in mint condition and gleaming in the lighting.  The rumour was, that the TG team were doing a Challenge based around the demise of the british sports car industry and would be on site later in the day, and at around 4pm they turned up.

Clarkson was in a Healey 2000 with a tree in it, Hammond was in a Lotus Elan SE (the pants fwd one) with some big garden ornaments in it and finally May was in a  TVR S2 with a shed on it. I’m sure there were some hilarious mis-adventures with the cars being slagged off all the way, but I also hope that they were sympathetic to the image of the cars  all of which are past their best. They filmed in several of the yards and sheds, one of which had several unused tubs, the white elephant and a Sagaris rolling chassis.

I guess we’ll have to see how they deal with it when the new series starts in the summer.

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