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04 October 2009

TVRMonster Trackday Brands Indy Nov 2nd

Winters nearly on us, but there’s one chance to drop in a Southern trackday before winter sets in. In conjunction with Easytrack, TVRMonster is holding a trackday on one of our favourite UK circuits.

Brands hatch Indy is always a crowd pleaser, offering some of the best track action  within view of the Grandstands. Paddock Hill bend is a highlight of UK racing and the fast flowing BHI keeps you very busy for the rest of the 1.1 mile lap.

Loads of gradient, excellent facilities and top viewing make this a must, so book on via TVRMonster ASAP. It’s a LOUD day at 105db and open pit lane so you can come and go as you like. It’s a TOP TD!!

A major TVR level is expected as (as well as ourselves) Nick Smith and The TVRCC NW Kent massive are also onboard to support “Monster” Tim Davis as he is hoping to secure a significant sponsorship deal that’ll enable him to persue the Tile in 2010 in a Tuscan. Possibly B but hopefully Gp A! NW TVRCC member and pub mate Greg Lewis is backing him next year and they hope to add another major sponsor via his Greg’s business connections. Greg has had a not insignificant health problem in the last few weeks, but TVRs breed them hard and he is still heavily involved from his convelescence bed. We wish him a speedy recovery. As for Tim “that’ll be me” Davis, lets not forget that he is still a TVR European Challenge Title hopeful for 2009! With some luck he hopes to take the Championship on the 17th of October in the final rounds at Oulton Park . Nothings sure in motorsport, and Tim has his work cut out with Danny Winstanley pushing hard in GpA and John Simpson with a faster car in GpC but he has to be the favourite…trouble excepted and possibly expected!!!

Tim has been a Monster for sometime, driving his 300+bhp Road Griff. He attended our Monster Academy in 2008, in preparation for his Rookie Season and has certainly proven that anyone can get involved…and win! So I hope that we will all get behind him in these exciting times. Don’t be surprised if you see the odd Racer or two there, from Groups C, B and A!

You can either via our shop here…with a small discount!
Get onboard. It’s probably your last chance in 2009.

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