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Tim Hood once again took the overall honours in R4 of DTC at Oulton Park with a fastest lap of 1:41:1.
Danny pushed him hard again but this time he was starting from the back as he had just won the previous Euro saloons race!
It was all kicking off behind them too as Fred Tonge and Dean cook went at it from start to flag. Fred just held off the AJP Tuscan in in AJP GTF Sag.
Tim Davis was next, pretty much on his own followed by another great battle between Keith Vaughan Williams and Darren Smith. Again they were at it from Start to flag.
Graham walden took the GpB win and fastest lap with Dave Chant suffering gearbox issues.
Another great race, really missed it
Roll on next year with our Monster Super A car!
Vids from Deano and Danny’s car will be up on YouTube in the next couple of days. Find them on the tvrmonster channel
Time sheets here




Oulton Race 1 “Hoodwinked”

He was mugged off the line but Tim Hood came through to take his third overall win in DTC this year. Danny’s green monster had a brilliant start (as did Tim Davis) and for the first five laps it looked like Danny had Tim’s measure, but Tim kept the pressure solid and slowly reeled Danny in to take the lead where he stayed. Danny later retired at 3/4 distance. I believe Tim took the overall TVR lap record at 1:40:591 and it wouldn’t surprise me if Deano took the GpA record with a very quick 1:46:2
Fred Tonge in the red AJP Sag held a firm GpA pace to win and Dean Cook fought through the pack well after his troubled qually. If fact Dean, Tim, Darren Smith and Christian Douglas had a great battle in the front running Class A cars.
Graham Walden took a clear GpB win ahead of Chanty (Dave Chant) and GpC was won by Chris Haywood-Brown in his Str8six prepared Tango Chim.
Newcomers Neil Garner and Chris Ridge ran very well with both finishing well in respective classes with some very high speed differentials. Neil did have a HUGH slide when he lost it into cascades and spun on the air when his splitter dug into the soft grass.
Well done guys, a warm and dry Oulton race…who’d have thought!
Race 2 at around 430



Oulton qually

So, the weather held and the guys got punchy. After only 6 mins the session was stopped as Dean Cooks Tuscan broke a driveshaft and had to be recovered. The delay meant the on release the drivers were well fired up and were tussling for position immediately. Tim hood took pole in his LS7 Sag and blitzed the main straight with the flat shift barking through the gears to a 1:39:6 which must be a record. Danny also had a good session but have away nearly 3 seconds to Tim. The first “regular” car was Tim Davis in his GpA Tuscan. A stellar effort from Tim in his Rover powered car that has only just moved up from GpB for 2013.
More after Race 1


Oulton park scrutineering

Well it’s dried up a bit now and it looks like it’ll stay that way for quallifyi at Rounds 3&4 of DTC 2013.
Some more new cars are out with Neil Garners Chim making its first appearance and the S3erbera returning to the grid. Both Danny Winstanley and Tim Hood are here in their SuperA cars so a quick qualy is on the cards.
More soon