Friendly Staffy…or Shark on a leesh?

How did I EVER beat these cars in my little Rover Tuscan? I’ve driven AJP Tuscans on track days…as a track day monkey … But this car now, in slightly more experienced Andy hands is a real monster!
Eager, punchy and aggressive ( in a fuck you kind of way) THIS Tuscan is some sort of Exocet missile. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s a pleasure to drive, but unlike my old (milder) Tuscan you really need to pay attention.
It’s not snappy, or nasty it’s just a bit more. Like going Large. A full fat Tuscan where mine was a skinny latte. A Vindaloo not a Korma. But with a slightly meaner feel. It’s got more power…but no more grip.
Lets say It’s not the friendly Staffy ambling by its owners side with a happy smile and its tongue hanging out of its mouth. Mean looking but not about to kill you. Its more the one bouncing around having loads of fun leaping at passers by, sniffing lamp posts and diving here and there, keeping its owner slightly wrong footed and just abit off balance but not pulling them over completely. I mean you want to pet it… It’s looks so much fun, jumping around playfully, but somewhere on the back of your mind you’re thinking “its going to rip my arm off and spit it at me with a Mutley style snigger”.
So, lets see which one we get tomorrow?
Friendly Staffy or Shark on a leash!
We’ll see!
Thanks to owner Mark Crajka, and to big Col at TVRSSW. Off to bed now,
Big day tomorrow! 🙂