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September 2012
24th September 2012 To finish first; first you have to finish A racing cliché, but true none the less

August 2012
13th August 2012 TVRMonster enter the “Baby 360” Challenge at Brands GP in September!

July 2012
25th July 2012 Special Request BBQ and Charity Open Day at TVRS (SW) Ltd
20th July 2012 TVR SagarisR driver Danny Winstanley steals the day for Topcats Racing

17th July 2012 Tuscan Challenge R1&2 Brands Indy.

May 2012
13th May 2012 TVRsSW is now Open
6th May 2012 All is not lost

April 2012
22nd April 2012 2011 Round up – Bummer!

October 2011
09th October As good as it gets – Spa Racing and Trackday weekend 2011
09th October Its a wild one for topcats racing at the Britcar 24

August 2011
27th August Is backwards the way forwards, and is it really backwards in any case?
22nd August TVR Challenge - Rockingham 2011 WOW! That’s more like it.
03rd August TVR Challenge - Donnington 2011 This is the big one.

July 2011
31st July Ex-Challengers Sam Head and Owen O'Neill have fun at the Castle Combe.
31st July TVR Challenge - Brands Hatch 2011 Now that Went Well
01st July Topcats, the indisputable leaders of the pack with a hat trick of wins at Spa!

June 2011
03rd June TVR Challenge - Snetterton 2011 Glass half full…or glass half empty?

May 2011
16th May Andy Holden gives us his Drivers view. Donnington DSC
13th May Head and O'Neil continue their Britcar fight...with TVR luck
09th May Too Fast Too Furious Mike and Danny are removed from the GT Cup Grid.
07th May Team have a ‘rocky’ ride at Rockingham Motor Speedway

April 2011
07th April Its Green…very green…again.
03rd April DTEC launches new website
02nd April N’Ring Guru Ron Simons wins his court battle with new ‘Ring giant Nurburgring Automotive Gmbh.

March 2011
31st March It’s (1st*) 2nd & 3rd for Topcats Racing trio in Silverstone GP season opener
13th March Danny Returns from the Dark Side

February 2011
26th February Air today – Gone tomorrow
22nd February A new partner for TVRmonster – Powervamp Racing
18th February Snett 300 Unveiled
17th February Sam Head joins the team for 2011 to stake his claim for the Britcar title

November 2010
17th November Topcats Racing takes Britcar Class 2 Championship Title

September 2010
10th September A torrid race but big points won at Rockingham Motor Speedway.
05th September Zolder 24hr pole position and race lead!….but where did it all go wrong?

May 2010
26th May Open Pit Lane Test Days
14th May LS7 Sagaris is out on first test run…… Spain!

April 2010
21st April Sagaris Chevrolet LS7 Engine Conversion UPDATE
21st April Sagaris Chevrolet LS7 Engine Conversion
20th April GT Cup Silverstone
20th April Britcars Snetterton
20th April Historics at Cadwell Park
06th April Topcats Battle with Europe's Finest

March 2010
25th March Top Gear visit the TVR Factory
20th March Donnie needs £1M+ for racing.

February 2010
23rd February TVR To Return With US V8s

January 2010
27th January Brands Hatch Resurfacing
7th January TVR Challenge TV DVDs
2nd January The REAL master returns


December 2009
28th December Dunlop Reveals
26th December David Bishop – 1959-2009
17th December TVR Challenge 2010 – Dates
10th December 2009 TVRMonster @ Christmas

October 2009
04th October 2009 TVRMonster Trackday – Brands Indy – Nov 2nd

September 2009
21st September 2009 Racecars, Race TVRs. What are they worth?.

July 2009
22nd July 2009 Peter Wheeler Memorial races.
22nd July 2009 Jes Firth – TVR Speed Champion 2009

June 2009
08th June 2009 Mike Caine – TVR Tuscan Champion

May 2009
25th May 2009 GT Cup – Brands GP - Mike Saunders
17th May Topcats Race Experiance

April 2009
09th April Donie move to Rockers!!!

March 2009
21st March TVR Race Footage library
08th March Mike Caine secures his Porsche Cup (GB) 2009 drive!

February 2009
15th February AJP8 Relaunched
03rd February Tuscan Telly.

January 2009
22nd January New kid on the block.
18th January Could this spell the end for Croft and others?
10th January TVR European Challenge Championship 2009
5th January The “New” Nurburgring 2009


October 2008
15th October Bad to The Bone! Pt 1

September 2008
21st September The Britcar Weekend - Tough on everyone!
14th September Some one's building cars in Blackpool again.

August 2008
02nd August Topcats add an extra dimension

July 2008
15th July The New Sagaris is Here!

June 2008
08th June Trevor Wilkinson 1923-2008
03rd June tvr Wins at Spa!!!!!!!!!

May 2008
It's another Big Weekend! 14th-15th June Brands Hatch Kent

April 2008
20th April Championship Table 2008 open!
7th April tvrMonster "Sagariff" - The 2008 Season begins!

January 2008
28th January SAGARIFF

November 2007
5th November Web Site Review.5 Stars!

October 2007
22nd October ACT Product News

September 2007
24th September Dutch Supercar Challenge, Silverstone. The Team’s Perspective
17th September Blackpool Rocks the Sportscar circuit.
07th September R888s - as quick as Full Slicks..? Nearly.

August 2007
25th August 2007 Who's the Daddy?
20th August 2007 New SC Power Griff Aero Pack breaks cover!
20th August 2007 Sam Takes the Crown!

July 2007
22nd July 2007 Topcats Slot up for grabs
8th July 2007 "The Biggest tvr Festival...EVER!"
8th July 2007 Monster Griff Racing featured in "Sprint"

May 2007
8th May 2007 Tuscans win at Silverstone! International 90s GTs
5th May 2007 Monster Griff races at Pembrey

April 2007
6th April 2007 Toyo Tyres from Tvrmonster!

February 2007
28 February 2007 Which Blower?
28 February 2007 And then there were three (GTFs)
27 February 2007 Speed Six Airbox from ACT Products
15 February 2007 Griff Rolling Road Shoot Out - Jan 2007
11 February 2007 "Supercharged" The Blower Press Day.
05 February 2007 tvrPower now offer a complete re-trim service.
05 February 2007 The tvr Power Supercharged 400 at Spa Future of RV8 tuning?
4 February 2007 Heart of the Beast - Exclusive

January 2007
14 January 2007 Autosport 2007 – the GTF 600R Launch
10 January 2007 tvr Racing has a future again…at last!

November 2006
22nd November 2006 Wheels World from ACT

October 2006
27th October 2006 Buongiorno tvr?
9th October 2006 Walden Takes Championship.

September 2006
19th September 2006 Griffith 200 Race Project.

August 2006
26th August 2006 Challenge looks GREAT for 2007.
22nd August 2006 Hockenheim hits financial trouble.
21st August 2006 tvrmonster supports a “tvr Challenge”
1st August 06 The Rover V8 Supercharger Kits – tvr Power / Autodesign

July 2006
27th July 06 Mr tvr wants to go racing!

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