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02 May 2010

TVRMonster Race Experience with Topcats Racing 2010

DRIVE some of the worlds most exciting and exotic race cars that compete in major championships across the UK and Europe and be part of a championship winning race team for the day. We offer a totally unique driving experience. Fulfill your driving potential and take the car to it’s limits on the most famous racing circuit in the world….Silverstone F1 Grand Prix Circuit. This is our 3rd one with Topcats!

No other motorsport event gives the driver such an insight and experience into what it would be like to be a racing driver. We have a range of race cars to rival any other motorsport event in the UK, to whet the appetite of even the most discerning driver, combined with the experience of our race team, corporate motor sport, engineering and driving expertise. With our racing pedigree, our approach to corporate motor sport is mirrored by our professionalism and success in motor racing.

We have driving experiences to inspire and excite complete novice and experienced competitor alike. We do not impose ANY speed or rev restrictions on any of our race cars, and every driver will be encouraged to explore the speed, handling and characteristics of the car as you pass Ferraris and Porsches at the UKs premier venue. The day is fully insured.

Both the Sagaris GT and Tuscan Challenge car will be available for you to drive with 5 sessions of 20 mins across the two cars on an open pitlane Trackday. To do this in your own TVR would break down roughly as follows.

£300 TD slot Silverstone GP, All day Instruction £250, Insurance £100, Fuel £150, Wear and Tear (tyres, brakes etc) @ £150. Total around £950. So a regular Topcats day is a bargain in their cars at £699+vat

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